Recent polls show that given the current deterioration of race relations in our nation, especially in light of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths, it is important for the church to lead the way in both racial reconciliation and societal reform. The conveners of this meeting believe that we can shift the racial atmosphere of the nation by healing the racial divisions in the church.

Healing the racial divide in the nation will take the Church’s leadership. More specifically, we will need specific steps of action to heal the nation by engaging in the seven spheres of activity. We strongly believe that if the Church takes unified action in real time, we can avert a national crisis and restore a sense of purpose and destiny to many individuals, their churches, and their communities. The root problems of America’s ghettos are not unlike the problems of the nation’s suburbs. Strangely enough, participating in the strategies that will bring a sense of justice to urban America will revitalize the Christian experience and devotion of suburban and affluent Christians as well.