Americans are grieving , after the violence in Minnesota, Louisiana and Dallas.

Please join with the Reconciled Church and partners committing to praying and fast for our nation.


“It is important for the church to lead the way in both racial reconciliation and societal reform” says Bishop Harry Jackson.

Healing the racial divide in the nation will take the Church’s leadership. More specifically, we will need specific steps of action to heal the nation by engaging in the seven spheres of activity. We strongly believe that if the Church takes unified action in real time, we can restore a sense of purpose and destiny to many individuals, their churches, and their communities. Participating in the strategies that will bring a sense of justice to urban America.

We all agree that our nation needs healing. We also agree that righteousness and justice are the foundation by which we can see the Kingdom of God established in the earth according to Psalm 89:14.

Our goal is to sign up 35,000 churches to pray weekly for a transformation of the American culture. Sign up your church or your family for a specific prayer watch below. When you pray, please agree with us on the following prayer points:

1) Spiritual awakening beginning first in the US that affects the globe
2) Restoration of a sense of unity and peace within urban centers in the US
3) Economic Revival within the US causing urban wilderness to bloom like a rose (Isaiah 35:1-2).