Thank you all who joined us at Free Chapel for Celebration of Unity. Also thanks to all you watched the event online using Facebook or Youtube.

Please check in with us often as we will be announcing the replay of the event in the coming future.

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Here is a special presentation from Dr. Alveda King on Non-Violent Conflict Resolution





The Reason for the Event

A little more than two years ago, the first Reconciled Church event was held in Dallas, Texas. It was convened by Dr. James Robison, Bishop TD Jakes, and me.  In that round of meetings and panel discussions, the 175 or so leaders that gathered represented 40 million Christians.  The evening reconciliation service had between 6 – 7,000 people in attendance and was broadcasted on DayStar Television Network.  During the daytime sessions, we established the fact that the church must lead the way to bring peace and healing to the race problem in America.  In a divided society, only the church can model unity.

We, unanimously, agreed that if we could multiply the current church best practices, we could actually heal the racial divide and set our communities on a positive course.  We also developed seven bridges to peace that summarized the practical avenues through which the church could focus their efforts.  All of this including testimonials are listed at our website  Our desire, this year is to celebrate the forerunners and pioneers who are making our world a better place and tackling the problems of class, poverty, and community safety that complicate the genuine race problem that exists in the land.